Event information

20th International Exhibition of Construction and Renovation


For 20 years RESTA has been the largest construction and renovation exhibition and the only one specialized exhibition in the Baltic States that is approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI). It is aimed at construction industry professionals and end-users interested in construction and renovation.


530 exhibitors from 12 countries (Austria, Belorussia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine) took part in the exhibition.


The theme of RESTA 2013 is GREEN RESIDENTIAL ENVIRONMENT – designing, arrangement and maintenance of dwelling places and residential surroundings.


For the first time in the history of RESTA in the area of 1000 sq. m. a flowering garden was created.
Residential environment design, mini gardens, lazy gardening, roof and wall gardening, organic gardens, garden plants and their cultivation, tree planting, consultations, gardening workshops were presented in this GREEN EXPOSITION.


Exposition area covered 33.000 sq.m.:

Hall 1 – windows, doors, flooring, stairs, wooden products.

Hall 2 – real estate, building services and consulting.

Hall 3  - heating, ventilation, plumbing, electricity installation, “intelligent home” systems.

Hall 4  - construction equipment, tools, heating, ventilation, plumbing, building services and consulting.

Hall 5 – building and finishing materials, roofing materials, building services and consulting.

Outdoor exhibition area – timberwork, landscape design, construction machinery, equipment, metal constructions, wooden products, construction materials.




40.000 visitors attended the event.


Programme of events: b2b matching fair, conferences and seminars for specialists / consultations, product and service presentations for visitors