2020 10 06


The topic of the ADVENTUR’s FORUM is health tourism, which is one of the priority branches of the
Lithuanian tourism and also a rapidly growing global travelling trend. The focus on health and the quality
of lifestyle is increasing. When travelling we want to feel comfortable and seek for sources of health rather
than new sensations and experiences. We are therefore considering what the status quo of the Lithuanian
health tourism is and what experiences Hungarian health tourism leaders are proud of and can share with
us. What strengths the Finns have learned to take from nature? We ask researchers about health treatment
benefits during holidays and if fishing, for instance, may help to recover. Is health tourism beneficial? If so,
how and to whom? We must know the expectations of foreign tourists about Lithuanian resorts and
treatment facilities and whether they are being met. These and other questions will be analysed during the
ADVENTUR forum, in which you are kindly invited to take part.

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