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1. Rules of use of the website (hereinafter – the Website) and privacy policy (hereinafter – the Rules or Privacy Policy) establish the procedure for the use of the Website and key principles of personal data collection, management and storage, according to which the Website manager Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB (hereinafter – Litexpo, Company or Group of Companies), which consists of Litexpo Events UAB and Ovantis UAB, registered at Laisvės pr. 5, LT-04215 Vilnius, manages the personal data of the Website visitors (hereinafter – Visitors).

2. All Website Visitors by logging on to the Website and/or using it confirm that they are fully aware of the Rules and agree that the Company can manage information provided by the Visitors (including personal data) to the extent required for Website management and functioning and the provision of Website services. A Visitor who disagrees with any clause of the Privacy Policy loses the right to visit the Website, to log on and use all and/or any services of the Website.

3. Website services are services related to clients’ information and the provision of clients’ information (hereinafter – Website services), which include the provision of information about events, available infrastructure, pricing, services, activities of the Group of Companies, results, news.

4. The Company has the right to amend the Rules on a unilateral basis by publishing it on the Website. Amendments to the Rules will come into effect the moment they are published on the Website. If after the amendment or supplement of the Rules, a Visitor continues using the Website services, it will be considered that the Visitor agrees with the new wording of the Rules.

Which information is collected?

5. We collect information about Website visitors who subscribe to the Company’s newsletters: news, publications, offers and information about events:

5.1. Information about the Visitor’s computer and Visitor’s visits and use of this Website, including the Visitor’s IP address, times and dates of login to the Website;

5.2. Any other information that a Visitor can provide to the Company at any time by using the Company’s Website, services or communicating with representatives of the Group of Companies.

6. By registering, a Visitor gives his/her consent to the Company to collect and manage the Visitor’s provided personal data, so that the Company can send news and publications subscribed to by the Visitor, offers and information about events, and promotions.

How do we use your provided data?

7. Personal data collected by the Company is used exclusively for the purposes set forth in the current Privacy Policy. The Company can use the Visitor’s personal data for the following purposes:

7.1. To enable the Visitor to use the Company’s Website and services provided;

7.2. To send the Company’s news, offers, promotions, notices about current/future events and other information related to the services provided by the Company by email or other means indicated by the Visitor. This information is sent once a Visitor expresses his/her separate consent by clicking an appropriate field. A Visitor can refuse to receive such news and information by sending an email to the Company or clicking on the interactive link at the bottom of a received notice expressing the wish to longer receive direct marketing notices in the future.

8. A visitor’s data will be stored for no longer than required by the established data management purposes and no longer than 3 (three) years after the Visitor’s last login to the Website. When personal data is no longer needed for its management purposes or the established storage term expires, the data will be safely destroyed, with the exception of data that must be transmitted to state archives in cases established by the laws.


9. The Website, its content, code, domain name, all copyrights, trademarks, company names and all other intellectual or other property contained in it belong to the Company in full extent and protected by the effective national and international intellectual property and other legal acts.

Without the consent of the Company, a Visitor has no right to multiply, record, reproduce, execute, transfer, sell, licence, modify, create derivatives, transfer, present, edit, place, transmit, publish, form, distribute or use (in full or in part) the Website, its content or code, as well as otherwise use the Website, its content or code in any form or by any means.

Management of personal data

10. Personal data provided by a Visitor on the Website is managed by the Company in accordance with these Rules, the requirements established by the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania and other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania regulating personal data management and protection.

Your rights

11. Visitor has the right to address the Company with enquiries, to revoke given consents, to submit requests for the exercise of the Visitor’s rights and complaints regarding personal data management.

The Company’s trust phone is +370 696 19340, trust email or a Visitor can come to the Company’s office with a personal identity document.

12. Visitors have the right:

12.1. to request the Company for information about a Visitor’s personal data managed by the Company;

12.2. to request the Company to correct a Visitor’s personal data and/or stop the management of such personal data, except for storage, in cases where after familiarising himself/herself with the personal data, a Visitor discovers it to be incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;

12.3. to request the Company to destroy a Visitor’s personal data and/or stop the management of such personal data, except for storage, in cases where after familiarising himself/herself with the personal data, a Visitor discovers it to be managed unlawfully or unfairly;

12.4. to disagree with the management of a Visitor’s personal data, where such data is managed or intended to be managed for direct marketing purposes, or because of unlawful interests pursued by the Company or a third party to whom the personal data is provided.

13. Personal data must be accurate, adequate and only of the volume that is necessary for their collection and further processing. If needed for personal data management, the personal data can be updated on an ongoing basis.

14. The Company undertakes an obligation not to disclose Visitors’ personal data to third parties, other than the Company’s partners providing services related to the appropriate provision of the Website services. In all other cases, Visitors’ personal data can be disclosed to third parties exclusively in accordance with the procedure established by legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.


15. To make use of the Website faster and more convenient, the Company uses cookies. A Cookie is a small file sent and installed in the Visitor’s computer. Installed information is used by the Company to recognise the Visitor and monitor statistics of Website visits.

16. A Visitor can review on his/her browser which information (cookies) is installed by the Company, and delete all or any cookies installed. By using the Website, a Visitor agrees to the installation of the Company’s cookies into his/her computer (device). A Visitor can revoke such consent by changing his/her browser settings, but in such an event certain functions of the Website may be deactivated.

17. A Visitor can find out about cookies used on the Website at any time.

18. A Visitor can translate the privacy policy.

Final provisions

18. The Rules are governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disagreements between the Website and a Visitor will be settled through amicable negotiations. In case of failure to reach agreement by the Parties through amicable negotiations, any such disputes will be finally settled at the courts following the procedures established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

19. The Company does not undertake an obligation to ensure uninterrupted operation of the Website since its operation may be affected by factors beyond the will of the Company, but undertakes an obligation to exert all reasonable efforts to ensure the smoothest possible operation of the Website. In all cases, the Company bears no responsibility for consequences caused by the above-mentioned interruptions in the operation of the Website.

20. For all questions regarding the operation of the Company and the Company’s actions of personal data management, please send an email to pranesk@litexpo.ltor call +370 696 19340, or write to Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius 04215, Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB, or come to the Company’s office with a personal identity document.



1. I agree that Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB and its affiliates Litexpo Events UAB, Ovantis UAB, registered at Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius, email:, phone 85 245 4500, for 5 years from this consent to manage, collect and process my personal data related with my forename, surname, contact details (phone number, email),  employer’s name, employer’s contact details (phone number, email, registered address) for direct marketing purposes, i.e. to address me by phone or electronic mail with the purpose:

  • to provide information and advertising materials about the services and news of Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB, and other companies specified above;
  • to provide information about present/future events or promotions, invitations and reminders to participate in them;
    • to find out my opinion on matters related to the activities of these companies;
    • to give offers.
2. I am informed and understand that I have the right:
  • to familiarise myself with my provided personal data;
  • to learn about my personal data management;
  • to request to correct incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate personal data, or to request its transfer;
  • not to agree to my personal data management, including personal data management for direct marketing purposes;
  • to request Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB and other companies specified above to delete my personal data or stop management of such data.

3. I am informed and understand that I have the right to revoke my consent regarding personal data management for direct marketing purposes at any time and to exercise other specified rights, upon request to the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB, by applying to the contacts specified in this consent and upon presentation of a personal identity document.

4. I am informed and understand that my personal data will be managed for direct marketing purposes for maximum 5 (five) years from the moment of this consent, unless I express disagreement (I can do that by clicking a link in every email message or by applying to the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB by the contact details specified) for the management of my personal data for the above-mentioned purposes and/or revocation of my consent. In such event I understand that the Group of Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB will stop my personal data management for direct marketing purposes from the day of my disagreement and/or receipt of my revocation of consent by the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB. Revocation of consent will not affect the management of your personal data and consequences of such management before your revocation of consent or declaration of disagreement with direct marketing.

5. I am informed and understand that in case of failure to settle an issue with the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB, I have the right to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate which is responsible for the supervision and control of legal acts regulating personal data protection.

6. I am informed and understand that the Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB will send information for directing marketing by using a newsletter sending platform provided by UAB.

7. Personal data is received by us directly from you or:

from legal entities, when you are a representative, employee, contractor, founder, shareholder, stakeholder, owner of such legal entities, etc.;

from business partners related to our activities, or other legal entities we cooperate with;
from public data files available online.

Upon your consent for the receipt of messages, your personal data will be included in an electronic database managed by Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO UAB, will be managed and stored in digital form by ensuring the security of your personal data management.


How to contact us?

By e-mail: pranesk@litexpo.ltentering ‘Refuse’ in the subject field and specifying your forename, surname and address, phone number, email address you do not wish to receive information to.

By phone: +370 696 19340

By post: Laisvės ave. 5, LT-04215 Vilnius

In person: Laisvės ave. 5, LT-04215 Vilnius

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