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Resta International Exhibition of Construction

2021 06 03-05

Vaida Daskevičienė, Project Manager

Pelenė International Beauty Industry Exhibition

2021 09 16-18

Saulė Jančiauskė, Project Manager

Baltic Days of Dentistry International Specialised Exhibition-Conference on Dentistry

2021 10 22-23

Saulė Jančiauskė, Project Manager

Taste Vilnius Exhibition of Food and Beverages

2021 11 4-6

Saulė Jančiauskė, Project Manager

Furniture. Interior. Design Event of Innovations, Furniture and Design.

2021 11 12-14

Lilijana Dirsienė ,Paulina Pretkelytė,
Project Managers

School Exhibition of Education

2021 11 19-20

Vaida Daskevičienė,
Project Manager

Family Formula Conference and Exhibition for Modern Parents

2021 11 19-20

Indrė Reimorienė,
Project Manager

Adventur International Tourism exhibition

2022 01 28-30

Lilijana Dirsienė,
Project Manager

Studies International Exhibition of Knowledge, Education and Career Planning

2022 02 10-11

Paulina Pretkelytė,
Project Manager

Vilnius Book Fair International Vilnius Book Fair

2022 02 24-27

Indrė Reimorienė, Project Manager

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