2020 10 02


This year we are happy to welcome 29 foreign guests from 15 countries

  1. Jevgenij Anisimov, Russia (Science and Encyclopedia Publishing Centre)
  2. Patricija Bluj-Stodulska, Poland (Polish Institute)
  3. Antonio Manuel Carrasco González, Spain (Embassy of Spain)
  4. Wojciech Gorecki, Poland (Polish Institute)
  5. Mirreile Guiliano, France (publishing house Alma littera)
  6. Natalija Haida, Ukraine (Creative Studio)
  7. Aino Havukainen, Finland (publishing house Nieko rimto)
  8. Abraham B. Yehoshua, Israel (publishing house Sofoklis)
  9. Jean-Francois Kieffer, France (publishing house Magnificat)
  10. Dmytro Kuzmenko, Ukraine (Creative Studio)
  11. Jean-Claude Lapraz, France (publishing house Tyto alba)
  12. Marta Lipczynska-Gil, Poland (Creative Studio)
  13. Silvana De Mari, Italy (publishing house Nieko rimto)
  14. Astra Julianna Michels, USA (Science and Encyclopedia Publishing Centre)
  15. Francesc Miralles, Spain (publishing house Tyto alba)
  16. Bragi Ólafsson, Island (publishing house Kitos knygos)
  17. Frank J. Oteri, USA (Music Information Centre)
  18. Anna Pleštilova, Czech Republic (Embassy of the Czech Republic)
  19. Rein Raud, Estonia (publishing house Apostrofa)
  20. Veronika Rollova, Czech Republic (Embassy of the Czech Republic)
  21. Kastus Shydlouski, Belarussia (Creative Studio)
  22. Sjon, Island (publishing house Apostrofa)
  23. Mark Solonin, Russia (publishing house Briedis)
  24. Oliver Spatz, Germany (Creative Studio)
  25. Sami Toivonen, Finland (publishing house Nieko rimto)
  26. Olivier Truc, France (publishing house Briedis)
  27. Ignacio del Valle, Spain (Embassy of Spain)
  28. Katharine Webb, United Kingdom (publishing Tyto alba)
  29. Jozef Wilkon, Poland (Polish Institute)

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