How to Train and Treat Winners with Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi
  • 2018 Decemver 12–13
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.

“How to Train and Treat Winners”

Two-day seminar-symposia with Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi For physiotherapists, physicians, trainers and athletes.

Meet four-times Olympic Coach and Sports Physician, Dr. Dr. Homayun Gharavi, who has been the consultant to many professional world class athletes & teams and has been helped them to exceed their previous performability after injury. Danas Rapsys, Airinė Palšytė, Yuliya Efimova, Olympic medalist Aliaksandra Herasimenia, European champion Yauhen Tsurkin, German football legend Juergen Klinsmann are only a few names on the list of his noteable clients. The modern techniques Dr. Dr. Gharavi uses are often opposite of what standards in medicine propagate.

In this 2-Day seminar-symposia “How to Train and Treat the Winner”, Dr. Gharavi will teach his principles, which lead him to a more successful understanding of how the human body moves and stays healthy.

“Movement is the foundation of health, and there is no health without movement.”, is what he preaches. Learn how to sharpen your senses to listen to the body and be prepared to distant yourself from many rules you have learned so far. Get introduced to the tensegrity model and change your view on stretching, strengthening, training and therapy.

This is Dr. Gharavi’s only date in the Baltics. Registration is limited. The participants upon completing the seminar will get an official academic certificate. Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the seminar fee.

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