Outdoor and self defence exhibition HHS2017

Outdoor and self defence exhibition HHS2017

  • 2017 March 17–19
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 9100 m2
  • 20000
  • 300

The biggest international outdoor and sel-defence exhibition in the Baltic states “HHS2017”, is going to take place for the third time. The organized exhibition is going to expand triple in size and the number of participants. This exhibition will have three halls with separate topics: hunting, fishing – active leisure and self-defence.


Exhibition topic groups:

Hall 3:

  • Weapons – shotguns and hunting rifles;
  • Clothing, footwear, special tools;
  • Hunting supplies and accessories – rifle scope, knives, ammunition and more;
  • Commercial hunting;
  • Hunting abroad and in Lithuania;
  • Groups of hunters in Lithuania;
  • Lithuanian forest enterprises;
  • Specialized vehicles;
  • Outdoor equipment – kayaks, bicycles and more.


Hall 4:

  • Fishing equipment;
  • Sport fishing;
  • Commercial fishing;
  • Amateur fishing – fishing with float rod, fishing with bottom rod and fly rod, spinning, bait-dragging, sea fishing, ice fishing, underwater fishing;
  • Specialized vehicles;
  • Outdoor equipment – kayaks, bicycles and more.

Hall 5:

  • Assigned and assault weapons – automatic guns, rifles, machine guns, pistols and revolvers;
  • Civilian weapons – hunting shotguns and rifles, pistols and revolvers (for self-defense and hunting), sporting shotguns and rifles, pistols and revolvers, gas pistols, pneumatic hunting rifles, pistols and revolvers for recreational target shooting, leisure activities;
  • Guns supplies and accessories – rifle scopes, knives, ammunition and more;
  • Clothing, footwear, special tools;
  • Antique weapons;
  • Security services.


Target audience:

10% – Lithuanian and foreign state-owned companies, ministries

40% – natural persons who are interested in current same theme shows

50% – people having permits to purchase firearms, citizens of Lithuania and the European Union, natural and legal people.. Lithuania registered 40, 000 hunters and 29 000 natural persons who have self-defence permits and over 10,000 Riflemen union members.


Why is it worth to participate in the exhibition?

  • The only exhibition where people will be able to buy weapons on site
  • Target audience – institutions and ministries of Baltic countries
  • The largest gun manufacturers and dealers in the EU and other countries
  • The ability to establish new contacts and to present yourself to other participants of the market


2016m. Exhibition statistics:

  • Shows occupied area – 2738 sq.m.
  • Number of participants – over 100 foreign and Lithuanian companies
  • More than 20 specialized presentations (seminars, training, dog trainers‘ performances, conducting workshops)
  • 10200 exhibition visitors


2017 exhibition expects:

  • Shows occupied area – 9100 sq.m.
  • Number of participants – over 300 foreign and Lithuanian companies
  • More than 40 specialized presentations (seminars, training, workshops,)
  • 20,000 exhibition visitors


More information coming soon.

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