RESTA 2025

RESTA 2025

  • 24-26 April 2025
  • Opening hours

    24-25 April 10 a.m. – 6 p.m;

    26 April 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 2024 statistics: 30500 sq.m. area
  • 2024 statistics: 21100 visitors
  • 2024 statistics: over 300 participants
For exhibition participants

RESTA, the largest international construction business exhibition in the Baltic States, serves as the primary annual gathering for the country’s construction and repair industry professionals, as well as anyone planning construction projects or interested in the latest trends in construction and design.

The exhibition provides visitors and participants with a unique opportunity to explore the latest industry trends, digital solutions, and cutting-edge technologies. Attendees can discover new products and draw inspiration, all within a single venue.

RESTA is the only specialized construction business exhibition in the Baltic States that has been granted the UFI certificate by the World Exhibition Industry Association. It confirms that the exhibition meets the highest international standards of exhibition preparation and creates exceptional added value for both the participants of the exhibition and its visitors.



1. Brand awareness. By participating in one of the largest events in the sector and leveraging its marketing and partnership opportunities, you will significantly enhance the visibility and recognition of your brand.

2. New clients and partners. Presenting your products and services directly to a broad target audience will attract new customers, partners, and investors.

3. Business development opportunities. Interacting with other exhibitors and visitors will open up new Lithuanian and international markets for your business to expand into.

4. Feedback. Direct engagement with exhibition visitors and industry professionals will provide valuable feedback about your products or services, helping you to better understand and respond to market needs.

5. Cultivating community. Engage with an active construction business community that aims to share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on new projects.




Hall 5 – Construction and Renovation Hall  – building and finishing materials, tools, roofing, windows, doors, workwear and safety. Renovation of individual and multi-apartment buildings – equipment, machinery, materials.

Hall 4 – Communication Hall – plumbing, heating, ventilation, plumbing solutions, contactless plumbing appliances, ventilated facade systems and certification.

Hall 3 – Digital Construction Hall – software for professionals, BIM solutions, smart home systems, renewable energy, energy suppliers. Financing and crediting of renovation and modernization projects.


L1 – roofing, gates, building and finishing materials.
L2 – log, modular, off-grid houses and other structures.
L3 – building materials, wood and metal products, outdoor furniture, small architecture, garden machinery, tools, gazebos, storage sheds, playgrounds, landscaping and greenery.
L4 – heating, water supply and sewage system installations, electrical wiring, plumbing.
L5 – construction machinery, equipment, tools.


We invite you to participate in the RESTA 2025 exhibition to showcase the latest news, innovations, digital solutions, and environmental management trends in the construction business market. Share your ideas with us – let’s create a compelling exhibition together!

Do you want to communicate or have ideas? Contact:


Project Manager

Saulė Jančiauskė
+370 615 63581

Project Manager

Greta Kerienė
+370 615 67682

Assistant Project Manager

Dainora Šuopytė
+370 68 534674


Assistant Project Manager

Kamilija Krakytė
+370 69 621223







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