• 23-25 November, 2023
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.

For the first time in Lithuania!

An event that aims to bring together businesses, organisations and institutions and grow over the years into one of the largest sustainability events in Lithuania, and together create a more sustainable future!

The event consists of:

Exhibition from 23-25 November

Sustainable packaging solutions, design and products; public presentations of existing sustainable alternatives, examples of good practice, various sustainability workshops and discussions organised by participants, content.


10th Nordic – Baltic Sustainable Business Summit. Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability: Taking Care of Tomorrow (ENG)🇬🇧


On 23 November, experts from Lithuania and abroad will discuss live and remotely at the tenth Nordic-Baltic Sustainable Business Summit. The aim of the meeting is to highlight the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing corporate sustainability and technology development through cooperation. The summit will showcase sustainable solutions from the best Nordic and Baltic companies that can increase business efficiency and corporate sustainability. Speakers from different countries will discuss the potential of using AI in the context of environmental protection and corporate development, as well as evaluate its potential negative impacts.


BUSINESS DAY – 24 November (Friday)

Practical conference for business SUSTAINABILITY PLAN (𝐋𝐓) 🇱🇹

For whom: for Lithuanian businesses developing or seeking a sustainability plan. We invite corporate executives, business development, sales, HR, marketing, sustainability managers and other representatives of organisations who are responsible for sustainable initiatives.

Goal: As the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requirements and deadlines have already been announced and some Lithuanian companies will need to report on sustainability as early as 2025, this conference aims to give the country’s business community a clear understanding and roadmap on how to prepare properly, what mistakes can be avoided and, in general, what key steps need to be taken now to ensure that the organization is compliant with EU sustainability requirements.

We’ll help you develop an action plan towards a more sustainable business.

TICKETS & PROGRAMA  (Event in Lithuanian language)

Buy a ticket to the “Sustainability Plan” business conference. You will have the opportunity to attend the “10th Nordic-Baltic Sustainable Business Summit 2023”, where Scandinavian businesses will share their insights on Artificial Intelligence.

Conference host:

ACTIVE COMMUNITY DAY – 25 November (Saturday)

Clothing swaps, styling tips, various handicrafts, vintage uses of materials. DELFI “Sustainable Lithuania” discussions Sustainability workshops and various other activities are designed to spread the message of sustainability to both young and old.


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Project Manager

Eglė Puodžiūtė

Sales Manager

Edgaras Trumpaitis

Conference organizer and content partner

                The patron of the exhibition is the Minister of Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania Aušrinė Armonaitė


Patron of the exhibition







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Information Partner

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