1st European Baseball-5 Championship
  • 2020 February 28 - March 1
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.

The very first European Baseball5 Championship will be held in Exhibition Center Litexpo in Vilnius, Lithuania on 28.02-01.03.2020. Baseball5 is a completely new sport based on baseball game’s idea but without a need of bats, safety equipment and big field. The only what you will need is a rubber ball and 21 metres square field. The game consist of 5 innings and lasts around 20 minutes. Baseball5 is unique because a team must be formed from five players two of whom have to be from opposite gender: 2 female and 3 man or vice versus. Sport loving people in Lithuania now have a perfect possibility to be intruduced to this new game and to support their National Team.

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