• 2017 January 20–22
  • Opening hours
  • Lietuvos parodų ir kongresų centras "Litexpo", Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius, Lietuva.

ADVENTUR is the only international exhibition of tourism, travel and active leisure in Lithuania promoting popularisation of tourism services and active lifestyle.  Here, ‘under one roof’ you will find all the elements of successful tourism business: big flows of visitors interested in holidays and recreation, possibilities to establish business contacts, to find business partners.

Theme of the ADVENTUR 2017 Taste the World. Taste Lithuania.

Greatest travel experiences, discovery of the country’s uniqueness are inseparable from the national cuisine and local food tasting. Travel guides devote separate attention to local food and beverages, while various national food festivals and events attract big numbers of tourists. Therefore, in 2017 we are inviting the exhibitors to include culinary tourism and national cuisine into their city, country or new travel destination presentations, thus promoting potential travellers to discover new experiences through food.

What is the taste of Lithuania?

A huge beehive with a wooden honeycomb going up to the ceiling, honey colours and images of Lithuanian grasslands – the Department of Tourism will invite guests to this “sweet” exhibition booth located in Hall No. 3.

“When we were asked what the taste of Lithuania really is, we thought that it should be cucumbers with honey. Not only because this is the oldest Lithuanian dessert, which is said to have been served on the table of King Mindaugas, but also because of the fact that it is very natural, encompasses the summer, bees buzzing in meadows and incantation of hives. The symbol of fresh cucumbers and honey straight from the hives is also very close to our new tourism trademark of the country, which proclaims that the beauty lies in real things – “Lithuania. Real is Beautiful“, – J. Kazlauskienė intrigued.

According to her, our country has more than 3 000 authentic dish recipes. The good news is that antique dishes revived and are increasingly being served nowadays: “Traveling throughout regions of Lithuania and tasting dishes typical of those regions only has become a true discovery for many. “Šišioniškių kafija” (coffee), “Tija” (tea) or “Vofeliai” (waffles) must be tasted in the Pomeranian region, buckwheat buns baked on cabbage leaves – in Dzūkija and “Cibulynė” (onion soup) with herring – in Žemaitija. And did you know that our pink cold beet soup was selected the most aesthetic in the world? Moreover, many of us have heard about the route going through Lithuania called the Beer Road, while this year the Milk Road was introduced. Traveling this road gives an opportunity not only to see farms where cheese is pressed, or yogurt or ice cream is made, but also to chill in a sauna with whey ice cubes or to dip in a milk bath. This is another proof of the fact that food tourism is not only about direct tasting in our country”.

Another point of focus of ADVENTUR is Lithuanian mounds. This year was proclaimed the Year of Mounds, thus we invited cities and towns to introduce unique objects of nature in their territories. Not only they are points of attraction, but also the value reinforcing the nation’s identity, the symbol of the early state of Lithuania, and the cultural heritage of the entire Europe.

Themes of the exhibition:



  • City tourism
  • Active leisure in Lithuania
  • Countryside tourism
  • SPA, health promotion and medical tourism
  • Accommodation services


  • Leisure entertainment and adventure parks, fitness centres
  • Tourism and sports inventory
  • Water sports, extreme sports, hunting, fishing inventory
  • Leisure transport
  •  Novelty! Authentic Lithuania. What delicious is Lithuania hiding? Interactive exhibition hall hosting food tasting, entertainment, competitions during all three days of the exhibition. Presentations of the Lithuanian culinary heritage, unique Lithuanian food products, beverages and souvenirs.


  • Recreational, sightseeing trips abroad
  • Individual tourism
  • Culinary tourism
  • Cruises, ferry lines
  • Airports, airlines

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