• 2020 January 24–26
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 18 000kv.m.
  • 29500
  • 320


ADVENTUR is the largest specialised tourism exhibition in the Baltic States, which brings together representatives of tourism from Lithuania and foreign countries. At the same time it opens new destinations and routes for trip adventurers.

The habits of today’s travellers are being adjusted by the fast pace of life, work-related stress and fatigue. Crossing out world-famous landmarks is not enough; they want to recuperate and regain their inner harmony and come back healthier from the holiday. These new tourism trends will be very strongly reflected at the ADVENTUR 2020 international tourism exhibition, which will take place from 24 to 26 January. We will be encouraging everyone to hurry slow.

Health tourism will be the main theme and emphasis of the 2020 exhibition. Health tourism is not only one of the priority types of Lithuanian tourism, but a rapidly growing world travelling trend. Travellers don’t just search for new sensations and experiences, they focus increasingly on health and quality of life, looking for new sources of well-being. This year, the ADVENTUR exhibition will be exploring the status quo of Lithuanian tourism and the expectations of foreign tourists coming to Lithuanian resorts and medical institutions. We will learn the benefits of vacationing abroad, according to scientists, and whether fishing really helps recuperation.


The topic of health tourism will also be explored at the ADVENTUR exhibition through a traditional forum where the world-renowned health tourism professional from Hungary, Laszlo Puczko, with 25 years of experience in this field and more than 100 health projects under his belt, will be sharing his insights. Dr. Raiha Komppula, a professor from the University of Eastern Finland, who has been working in Finnish tourism for many years, will be discussing Nordic recreation. The forum will be closed by a discussion ‘Expectations of Health Tourists in Lithuania’, where plastic surgeon, Darius Radzevičius, and Mayor of Druskininkai, Ričardas Malinauskas, will be sharing their experiences.


The theme of health tourism will be undoubtedly touched upon at the Guide Day that will be taking place at the exhibition and the Lithuanian Guide Convention.


Speakers from the organisations Invest Lithuania and Versli Lietuva will be discussing Kaunas interwar architecture and slow tourism – the head of the Kaunas Guide Association, Henrieta Miliauskienė, will be offering travellers vitamin S (as in slowly) ─ ‘Why Slow Is Good?’


Clean lakes, fresh air, sightseeing trails, water recreational activities and valuable cultural heritage – that is the pride of Trakai, which is to become the Cultural Capital of Lithuania in 2020. The ADVENTUR 2020 exhibition will be introducing a new active and innovative cultural discovery ─ a 7 km-long trail, Sveikai Su Per Trakai 2020. Everyone who downloads the Walk 15 application will be able not only to travel around the city, but also visit the events of the Cultural Capital of Lithuania in 2020.


The travel exhibition, attracting new exhibitors every year, will be welcoming three newcomers this year – Japan, Sri Lanka and Iceland.


ADVENTUR will also feature stories of the most exciting travels and valuable tips, shared by experienced travellers.


Meetings at the Fan Zone will be hosted by journalist and writer, Dalia Smagurauskaitė. Travel enthusiasts will learn how to do a year of travelling around Australia or New Zealand and how to put their bicycle to use in Scandinavia.


The “Travelling Moms” project will be shattering myths that travelling with kids is impossible, Audrius Sutkus will be sharing experiences of his trip around the world, while Karolis Mieliauskas will be telling about extreme motorcycle travelling.


The exhibitors also contribute to the making of ADVENTUR by actively participating in the organisation of the exhibition’s events, delivering surprises and entertainment and offering meetings, new travel destinations and special exhibition-exclusive travel prices every year.


The ADVENTUR 2020 exhibition will include more than 300 exhibitors from 20 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Iceland, Italy, Japan, China, Cyprus, Croatia, Cuba, Poland, Nepal, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Exposition halls:

Hall 3 – LITHUANIA TRAVEL – urban tourism, active leisure in Lithuania, rural tourism, recreation, sightseeing,  educational trips and accommodation services in Lithuania.

Hall 3 gallery – AUTHENTIC LITHUANIA – food tasting, Lithuanian food products, souvenirs, entertainment.

Hall 4,5  – DISCOVER THE WORLD – international participation: collective stands, tourism agencies, foreign embassies.

Hall 5 – DISCOVER THE WORLD – representatives of Lithuanian outbound tourism businesses, airlines and international participation.



The topic of the ADVENTUR’s FORUM is health tourism, which is one of the priority branches of the
Lithuanian tourism and also a rapidly growing global travelling trend. The focus on health and the quality
of lifestyle is increasing. When travelling we want to feel comfortable and seek for sources of health rather
than new sensations and experiences. We are therefore considering what the status quo of the Lithuanian
health tourism is and what experiences Hungarian health tourism leaders are proud of and can share with
us. What strengths the Finns have learned to take from nature? We ask researchers about health treatment
benefits during holidays and if fishing, for instance, may help to recover. Is health tourism beneficial? If so,
how and to whom? We must know the expectations of foreign tourists about Lithuanian resorts and
treatment facilities and whether they are being met. These and other questions will be analysed during the
ADVENTUR forum, in which you are kindly invited to take part.

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