• 2018 November 8–10
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.


The Baltic Food and Beverage Exhibition BAF will take place at Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Center LITEXPO on November 8-10. The exhibition each year becomes an important place for gourmet food discovery, “the most delicious” event of the year, an important business event and food culture celebration dedicated to the idea of good food and nutrition  culture.

Baltic Food and Beverage Exhibition BAF is international event for food buisiness specialists and final consumers. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote and introduce the new products to the Baltic market, fostering higher culture of food and beverage consumption.

Baltic Food and Beverage Exhibition BAF allows awakening all sensations at the same time – vision, smell, hearing, tasting, touching, cooking and having unforgettable experiences. Creating a legend of the brand and establishing strong friendship between a consumer and manufacturer/supplier. Every year, as many as 70% of the exhibitors choose the Baltic Food and Beverage Exhibition BAF for achieving their marketing goals. Half of the exhibitors would recommend the exhibition to their friends and colleagues as an efective marketing tool.

Everything in the exhibition is dedicated to presentation of food products, beverages, coffee, tea, spices, culinary novelties and tricks, traditional and contemporary cuisine, healthy eating propagation, higher quality of consumption. Foreign companies account for over 30% of all exhibitors. Every year, foreign companies participate at the joint foreign exhibition stands, where they introduce their products and establish contacts with the Lithuanian and Baltic markets.


The purpose of BAF exhibition is to become a venue where manufacturers, clients and designers of products and their packaging come together.


Visitors profile:
SPECIALISTS, looking for business partners, suppliers, innovative food products:
Representatives of HoReCa business.
Chefs, confectioners, food technologists, food designers.
Culinary bloggers, food critics.

Amateur chefs, people searching for new tastes, food combinations, cherishers of food culture, everyone for whom  food tasting and cooking is art, pleasure and lifestyle.
Families who care about responsible consumption, high quality of food products and environmental lifestyle.
City residents aged 25 -65, with higher than medium income, enjoying visiting restaurants, gourmet boutiques, culinary travelling.

The NAPA BALTIC Packaging Design Awards ceremony

The NAPA BALTIC Packaging Design Awards ceremony

The NAPA BALTIC Packaging Design Awards ceremony along with an exhibition of the selected best work will be held during the BAF Baltic Food and Beverage Exhibition. This year NAPA (National packaging awards) becomes bigger and invites to participate and submit works not only Lithuanian but also Latvian and Estonian designers. The NAPA BALTIC Packaging Design Awards aim to assess high craftsmanship and innovative product packaging design created in the Baltic Region and publicise the best examples to various professionals and to the wider public as well. The exhibition of the selected best work will be accompanied by the NAPA TALKS conference, organised for the second time.

Theme of NAPA BALTIC this year – The Change of Consumer Behavior

– Smaller portions, more indulgence;

– Brand collaborations and rise of new categories;

– Borrowing forms from other categories and bidding farewell to packaging stereotypes;

– Reimagining luxury.

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