• 2017 November 24–25
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 17800
  • 104

7th Exhibition of teaching aids, technologies and school equipment

Exhibition SCHOOL is the most significant annual event of the Lithuanian educational community. This is where school founders, heads of education centres and schools, representatives from businesses and NGOs, teachers, students and their parents meet to learn and share their best practices.

The exhibition features interactive and live presentations of methodologies in education, educational materials and services for education, demonstrations of the latest teaching/learning equipment and technologies, and discussions of actual cases and success stories from schools.

Thematic groups of the exhibition

Exhibitors’ E-catalogue

Slogan of the exhibition – SCHOOL WITHOUT BORDERS!


The main highlights of this year’s exhibition

The Good School concept continues to be the leading theme of the exhibition, motivating visitors to think about their own schools, and encouraging and inspiring them to take a new perspective on their schools.

Good School begins with the community, which goes beyond the borders of an ordinary school community, where unexpected ideas are born and the changing trends in the lives of children. This year’s exhibition will therefore focus on modern (self-)education and will search for answers to fundamental education questions:

  • What do we actually teach and how should we teach the children of today?
  • How should a teacher understand and teach the student? Should smart devices be used more often in the classroom, or should education take place more often in a non-traditional environment outside the school?
  • What (self-) education tools can a teacher use in communicating with students who ‘live’ in virtual reality?
  • How should student progress and achievement be assessed?

Every year, exhibition SCHOOL surprises visitors with new spaces, activities, and attractive and interactive events.


At the exhibition this year:

  • The exposition of the exhibition and event space for exhibitor-initiated events. Hall No 4
  • The Discovery Labs Space developing into a fine tradition and presenting new creative exploratory activities each year. Hall No 3
  • The Teachers’ Lounge, a space for informal meetings of the education community.
  • An extensive programme of events
 and activities: conferences, presentations by Lithuanian and foreign lecturers, best practice sharing seminars, master classes, creative workshops, interactive activities, and open space discussions.


Exhibition BABY LAND will be held at the same time in Hall No.5.

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