1. General provisions

1.1. The Rules of Conduct for Visitors of Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre Litexpo UAB (hereinafter referred to as ‘Litexpo’) (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Rules’) shall regulate the basic procedure of conduct for visitors to the premises and/or territory of the Litexpo, which is located at Laisvės Ave. 5.

2. General requirements for visitors:

2.1. Observe warning signs, instructions or other indications;
2.2. Take personal responsibility for the health/life and property safety of themselves, their children and other accompanying persons;
2.3. Conduct in a manner that does not endanger oneself or others, does not cause harm, and does not infringe the rights and interests of other visitors;
2.4. Follow with the instructions of the administration, security staff of Litexpo and/or other persons authorised to ensure security and public order;
2.5. Immediately inform the Information Centre and/or security staff of Litexpo of any actions and/or circumstances that may cause damage to the health, life or property of the visitor(s) or other persons.

3. Visitors shall have the right:

3.1. Enter/exit the premises of Litexpo only through the entrances/exits of Litexpo specially designated and equipped for this purpose, and to be present there only during the event/exhibition taking place in Litexpo;
3.2. Enter events/exhibitions of Litexpo where the organiser has set certain compulsory requirements (dress code, age, etc.), only upon presentation of tickets and/or documents granting the right of entry and/or meeting the set requirements;
3.3. Smoke electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products only in designated and marked areas. Only smokeless tobacco products shall be smoked in the Iqos Lounge. Any visitor who violates these rules must pay a fine of EUR 100;
3.4. Use the cloakrooms, cafeterias and other public areas of Litexpo in accordance with the established procedures.

4. Visitors should be aware that:

4.1. If enter the event/exhibition is charged, each visitor to the event/exhibition may only use 1 (one) and the same ticket/invitation card during one day of the event/exhibition. Enter the event/exhibition is only possible with tickets/invitation cards purchased through the official sales channels online or at the box office;
4.2. Visitors to the event/exhibition may be checked by security staff before entering the premises of Litexpo. In the case of such a check during the event/exhibition, a visitor wishing to enter Litexpo must allow himself/herself to be searched, together with a check of his/her clothing, handbag and other items which the security guard deems to be hazardous or threatening;
4.3. When the ticket provides a discount or special conditions for a certain category of visitors (e.g. seniors, students, people with disabilities, etc.), as well as in the case of admission of persons of a certain age or older, the security guard and/or other service staff shall have the right to ask for an ID document together with the ticket. Any visitor who refuses to produce his/her ID document may be refused entering the event/exhibition at the discretion of the persons checking him/her;
4.4. Visitors and other persons attending event/exhibition of Litexpo shall be obliged to comply with the instructions of the event/exhibition organisers, security staff, police officers and/or other persons ensuring security and order;
4.5. The administration of Litexpo or other persons in charge or maintaining order in the premises of Litexpo shall have the right to refuse admission to Litexpo or to exclude persons from Litexpo, if it is found out that the tickets, permits or other documents granting access to Litexpo premises, which are in their possession, have been handed over to, or sold to, persons who are not entitled to use them;
4.6. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, danger or threat to the security or conduct of the event/exhibition, at the request or instruction of a security guard, a police officer, an employee of the administration of Litexpo and/or any other person supervising the order of the Litexpo, the visitors of the event/exhibition may be moved to other places than the ones specified in the ticket, or may be asked to leave the premises of Litexpo;
4.7. The visitor must keep the ticket or any other document granting access to Litexpo premises until the end of the event/exhibition;
4.8. The safety and health of minors and young children in the premises of Litexpo and/or in its vicinity is the responsibility of their parents and/or persons accompanying them. In the case of careless or improper conduct of a visitor to the event/exhibition and/or his/her child, and in the case of injury or damage, Litexpo shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by such persons. In the case of damage to or destruction of Litexpo’s or other visitors’ property by an event/exhibition visitor and/or his/her child, such persons (in the case of damage caused by children, the parents and/or persons accompanying them shall be liable for such damage) shall be obliged to indemnify Litexpo and/or other persons for the damages incurred;
4.9. For security reasons, a video surveillance system is installed in the Litexpo premises to record visitors and their actions;
4.10. Each visitor to Litexpo agrees that his/her voice and/or image will be used free of charge during the live broadcast of the event, in the video recording of the event, in the dissemination of information about the event, in the photographs of the event, in the Internet or in any other public space. This material may be used indefinitely by the organisers of Litexpo event/exhibition or by third parties in accordance with all laws of the Republic of Lithuania applicable to the use of this information. These rules shall apply to all events taking place in Litexpo premises/areas organised by Litexpo;
4.11. If a visitor leaves his/her clothes in the locker, he/she shall lock the locker himself/herself and take the key;
4.12. If a visitor loses his/her locker ticket, he/she must inform the cloakroom staff immediately thereof;
4.13. For lost locker ticket and/or lost locker key, the visitor must pay a fee of EUR 10;
4.14. There are designated areas for the storage of handbags, suitcases, hats, caps, umbrellas and other similar items.

5. Visitors shall be prohibited:

5.1. Enter paid events/exhibitions without tickets or other documents granting access to the event/exhibition, unless other arrangements for entering the event/exhibition are provided for;
5.2. Enter the stage, backstage and/or the event organiser’s workplaces without the permission of the administration;
5.3. Use the Wi-Fi access network of Litexpo with the intent to breach cybersecurity and/or otherwise commit a criminal offence.
5.4. Enter inside the territory of Litexpo without permission of the administration or other persons responsible for public order.
5.5. Enter the parking lot by a car or other vehicle without paying for parking services;
5.5. Organise any strikes, meetings and/or other similar events without the prior written permission of Litexpo administration;
5.6. Conduct dangerously, endangering oneself and other visitors;
5.7. Promote, disseminate or distribute material and information of commercial/advertising content or of a harmful, aggressive, agitational, political, racist or religious nature, including clothing;
5.8. Organise signature-gathering campaigns and/or conduct anti-state agitation;
5.9. Humiliate the human dignity of the participants of the event/exhibition, spectators by shouting, words and/or other actions and ignore the norms of conduct in public places;
5.10. Burn fires, let off fireworks, rockets, smoke powder, smoke bombs, other pyrotechnics, use flammable or explosive substances;
5.11.Carry firearms, explosives, chemicals that could endanger the life or health of other people in the centre;
5.12. Damage and break Litexpo equipment, decorative elements, inventory and vegetation;
5.13. Litter and/or pollute in the premises, sanitary facilities (toilets for visitors, etc.) and territory of Litexpo.

6. Excluded persons:

6.1. Not complying with the rules, regulations and procedures of Litexpo, as well as the rules and requirements of public order and good morals;
6.2. Who have committed or are suspected of committing violations of public order, have been punished for hooliganism, or have committed or are suspected of committing any crimes or misdemeanours in the premises of Litexpo, according to the knowledge of Litexpo administration and/or other persons supervising the order;
6.3. Not meeting the age requirements set by the organisers of the event/exhibition and/or not providing documentary evidence of their age;
6.4. Without a valid event ticket or other proof of entering the event;
6.5. Attempting to enter the event/exhibition with a used, counterfeit, forged or otherwise invalid ticket or other document granting access to the event/exhibition, as well as attempting to bring forbidden items into Litexpo;
6.6. Under the influence of alcoholic beverages, psychotropic and/or narcotic drugs;
6.7. Threatening the security of Litexpo, its property, the safety of other visitors and/or their property by their conduct.

7. Final provisions:

7.1. In the case of non-compliance with the Rules by visitors, the administration of Litexpo and/or other persons maintaining public order in the premises of Litexpo shall have the right to exclude such persons from the premises of Litexpo. The visitor excluded from the premises of Litexpo on the grounds referred to in this clause shall not be entitled to a refund of the money paid for the tickets purchased and shall not be reimbursed for any losses incurred;
7.2. Each visitor to the event/exhibition, by entering Litexpo, hereby confirms that he/she is familiar with the Rules of Conduct of Litexpo and undertakes to comply with them unconditionally.

Persons failing to comply with the Rules may be refused entering Litexpo or, in the case of discovery or occurrence of a violation later, may be removed from Litexpo without prior notice! Persons shall be liable for any violations of public order and Litexpo rules in accordance with the procedures and terms established by law.



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