• 2017 November 24–26
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 5520 m2
  • 18580
  • 150

BABY LAND is the only one specialised exhibition in Lithuania for future and young parents focusing on babies and children care, bringing up and education.

It is an interactive and live family-friendly event about the most important values in life – family, children, love, and communication.


What’s new?

Island of Health.  An interactive space for families who love active lifestyle, sports activities and training.

The focus of exhibition – Expert information and advice for young families about:

Family relationship

Family planning and preparation

Pregnancy and baby’s arrival to the family

Harmonious child development

Preparation for kinder garden and school


Special attention is going to be paid for social adaptation, psychological security, physical health enhancement of children.


Why is it worth participating in the BABY LAND 2017?

The exhibition is an ideal and suitable place to find out about your clients‘ needs and expectations, meet like-minded people, specialists and exchange information. While participating in the exhibition you will reach these goals:

establish useful  and direct contacts with customers, carry out a market analysis, increase sales, present the latest products, turn ideas into decisions.

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