• 2019 October 3–5
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 5814 m2
  • 20000
  • 135

FURNITURE INTERIOR DESIGN is one of the largest specialised furniture, interior and design exhibitions in the Baltic States, bringing together design industry representatives, furniture manufacturers, interior architects and customers. This exhibition offers an extensive and diverse content about interior spaces, connecting knowledge and experience, people offering solutions and those in pursuit of them.



Topic of the year – interiors for business: planning and design; furniture, finishing, lighting solutions; ideas and trends.

The exhibition will offer an opportunity to see and talk about business interiors – the working environment, which motivates and enables people to work comfortably. The exhibition will be open to everyone, to each and every person.

This year, the exhibition will occupy 3 main exhibition halls, including additional events: ARCHZONA and ART FOR INTERIOR.

Hall 1:

ARCHZONA, a partner-integrated event for specialists – interior designers and architects – that will present finishing, lighting, furniture, doors, facades, flooring, ceiling, plumbing, wall decor and other products and services.

Hall 2:

ART FOR INTERIOR, a partner-integrated event for architects, interior designers and other professionals. Here, art auctions and other events will be held, meetings with authors will be arranged.

Hall 3:

Design Hall – non-standard (unique, original, renowned brands) furniture and interior solutions for home.

Hall 4:

Interior designers space, interior accessories, gallery, and workshop space.

Hall 5:

Furniture and interior design solutions for work and business spaces, furniture and interior design solutions for home, furniture material suppliers and manufacturers.


Participants of the exhibition include:

Offering solutions

  • Companies providing interior design, furniture design and manufacturing services;
  • Non-standard furniture manufacturers;
  • Commercial furniture manufacturers and suppliers;
  • Home furniture manufacturers and distributors;
  • Interior products and service providers (manufacturers, distributors);
  • Manufacturers and distributors of furniture materials, furnishings, fittings, equipment (all solutions for furniture manufacturing).


Looking for solutions

  • Designers and architects of public buildings;
  • Managers of business centres and commercial spaces;
  • RE developers;
  • Interior designers;
  • Furniture manufacturers / technologists;
  • Administrators of business premises;
  • People interested in innovations in the furniture market, investing in real estate, planning to equip home.


In the exhibition, business will have the opportunity to directly make contacts, organise meetings, generate ideas and orders with interior designers, customers, manufacturers of furniture materials and furniture, complex solution providers and final consumers.

The exhibition is not only for business, but also for people. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the latest furniture design and interior trends presented by various companies, assess market supply and innovations, get ideas on how to create a modern home interior, and become the customers of your goods and services.

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