RESTA 2022

RESTA 2022

  • 2022 April 20–23
  • Opening hours

    20 – 22 of April:

    10.00 a. m. –   6.00 p. m.

    23 of April:

    10.00 a. m. –   4.00 p. m.

  • Lithuanian exhibition and congress centre LITEXPO

The largest international construction exhibition in the Baltic States RESTA 2022 is back!

After a two-year break, the exhibition RESTA will bring together representatives of the construction business from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey and other foreign countries.

The exhibition is relevant not only to construction, installation and landscaping specialists, but to enthusiasts looking for innovative solutions for their homes, as well.


Visitors of the exhibition will be offered:

  • Digital construction innovations: software, smart home systems, BIM solutions;
  • Renewable energy sources, their application in private homes and renovation projects;
  • Financing and crediting of modernisation projects;
  • Renovation of private homes and apartment buildings: equipment, machinery, materials;
  • Modular and off-grid homes;
  • Water-supply, heating, ventilation and plumbing solutions;
  • Landscaping equipment and tools for gardens, orchards, balconies and terraces;
  • Seedling fair;
  • Small architecture;
  • Home decoration solutions.


Visitors will enjoy:

  • Competition “The Most Impressive Expositions of RESTA 2022”. Awards (“Construction Novelties”) for 5 most impressive creators of the exhibition expositions will be given to companies, architects, and designers;
  • International Professional Excellence Competition “Finishing Master 2022” (Vilnius Builders Training Centre, Knauf UAB);
  • Conference “Territory Development Specialist’s Day 2022” (Betono Mozaika UAB, Kurt Koenig construction machinery UAB);
  • XXVIII Summit of Representatives of the Lithuanian Association of Municipalities. The mayors, members of delegations and guests of all 60 Lithuanian municipalities are going to attend the summit;
  • Conference of the Lithuanian Construction Association;
  • Conference organised by Structum for the Smart City project;
  • Other events.


Presentation space

A specially equipped event space is in the Digital Construction Hall (Hall no. 3). This space is a great opportunity to introduce new products and services, to bring together present customers and reach new ones. The presentation space can be used by both the exhibitors and specialists who do not have an exhibition space. Book a presentation time and be visible and heard not only by your invited guests, but also by the visitors of the exhibition.

Next to the Presentation Space, there is a lounge and a meeting area for conversations over a cup of coffee.


One ticket for two exhibitions

The exhibition FURNITURE AND DESIGN SOLUTIONS 2022 will take place at the same time in Halls no. 1 and 2 on 20-23 April.

Tickets are already on sale!


Let’s meet live on 20-23 April at the exhibition RESTA 2022!

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+370 5 265 8100

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