• 2016 November 25–26 d.
  • Opening hours
  • Lietuvos parodų ir kongresų centras "Litexpo", Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius, Lietuva.
  • 18500
  • 107

Exhibition SCHOOL 2016 is the most significant annual event of the Lithuanian education community. Managers of education centres and schools, businesses and NGOs, teachers, students and their parents gather here to learn and share their best practices.

Alternative and traditional methodologies in education, educational materials and services for education are interactively and lively presented at the exhibition, the latest teaching (learning) equipment and technologies are demonstrated.

The visitors of the exhibition – the school founders, managers, teachers, students and their parents – are invited to try the latest equipment and teaching aids on site, to experience, discover and of course to learn.


Presentation of the exhibition



Slogan of the exhibition: SCHOOL WITHOUT BORDERS



At the exhibition, we will talk about the challenges a modern school is facing today. How to educate mature and responsible personalities striving for continuous improvement and prepared for future changes? How to turn the school into a living organism, where students would experience meaningful, inspiring learning full of discovery and voluntary cooperation? How to make a purposeful use of the ever-growing intellectual and technological base for schools? Why modern school has to continuously change and keep “inventing itself”? After all, what does a good school mean and what it should be like?


The exhibition will focus on these aspects of the Good School:

  • ·Personality growth. Maturity, achievements and the learning progress.
  • ·Polylogue culture and partnership. Fostering of communication, conversation and consensus culture, participation of the authority implementing school owner’s rights and duties and the local community in school affairs.
  • ·Exploration and creativity. Learning based on creativity, inquiry, personal needs of students.
  • ·School identity and diversity. A fun and nice environment of the school, developed by the community members themselves.

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