• 2019 November 22–23
  • Opening hours
  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 14700


SCHOOL is the most important event of the Lithuanian educational community. This is where school founders, heads and administrators of education centres and schools, educational support specialists and other professionals, as well as representatives of businesses and non-governmental organisations, teachers, students and their parents meet to learn and share their best practices.

The SCHOOL exhibition provides a unique opportunity for members of the educational community to have collective live discussions and evaluate the applied and suggested educational methodologies, latest learning / teaching tools and technologies, real life examples from schools, other educational issues, discuss the future of Lithuanian schools and initiate required changes.

The MAIN FOCUS of this year’s exhibition is LET’S LEARN TOGETHER

Let’s learn with EVERYONE from EVERYONE: a neighbour recently returned from emigration, a classmate with reduced mobility, a brother with an autism spectrum disorder. In a school community that is based on respect for student diversity, support for every student, and collaboration. By providing opportunities to experience diversity in society, for everyone to get involved in the educational process, to be together with one’s peers.

At the exhibition, we will be talking a lot about early education as the foundation for further development of a child’s personality, which is laid at an early age. We will try to discern the most important quality factors of early childhood education, as well as how inclusive educational content is created in the classroom or school community. Only then we will be able to say that a child has a happy childhood while we, adults, are focused on educating for the future.


  • Learning aids: tools and technologies for the learning process used by the student
  • Teaching aids: tools and technologies for the learning / teaching process used by the teacher
  • Hardware, equipment
  • School management solutions
  • Non-formal education

Let‘s meet at the exhibition SCHOOL 2019!

This year at the exhibition

Exhibition Hall 4


  • The exposition of the exhibitors
  • NEW. General Education School Fair – schools presenting their uniqueness and applied teaching methodologies
  • Class of Ideas – events initiated by the exhibitors
  • Teachers’ Lounge – an informal meeting place for teachers and others

Exhibition Hall 3


  • Discovery Labs – presenting new creative research activities every year
  • Opportunities Area – a place for students to interact with professionals from different areas and to start taking an early interest in their future profession
  • Young Researchers’ Ideas Fair – a great opportunity for students to get to know their peers’ research and inventions, share experiences and discuss

Extensive programme of events and activities

  • Conferences, events on relevant education policy issues, presentations, seminars of exchange of good experience, workshops, masterclasses, discussions, fun educational activities.
  • For teachers
  • For school heads
  • For educational assistance specialists
  • For students
  • For other education sector professionals

Lets create this inspiring event together!


Organizers: Ministry of Education and Science, National Agency of Education, Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO

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