2015 11.20 – 11.22

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  • regular ticket 3,90 EUR
  • discount ticket 2,90 EUR; su Omni ID 3,50 EUR
  • family ticket 8 EUR

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  • regular ticket 3,90 EUR
  • discount ticket 2,90 EUR; su Omni ID 3,50 EUR
  • family ticket 8 EUR
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Event information

Date:  20-22 November

Venue: Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Hall 4


Eko LOGIKA 2015. II exhibition-forum devoted to high-quality household and responsible consuming.


Eko LOGIKA – is wisely maintained household and business. The quality of used goods plays a critical part hereresponsible consumerism is advocated, preventive care for health of the family members is stressed as well as chemically clean household and business environment.


Eko LOGIKA is:




Area for companies propagating ecological and sustainable lifestyle from all over Lithuania to present themselves.


The “I did it myself” space – a place, where visitors will be able to plant herbs, make household cleaning materials, create art from different recyclable waste.




The talking eco corner – space that will host a cycle of events: “It will happen to anyone but me. Is that so? What dangers lurk in: a clean house, cosmetics, children toys” as well as other interactive workshops and competitions related to sustainable lifestyle and responsible consumerism.


Conference for companies:  “Social Responsibility of Companies. Trendy or Useful?”, meant for HoReCa segment and food industry companies.




Visitor of the exhibition – a person, who is prompted by the sense of logic that:

-> happiness of the family starts with healthy family members;

-> Healthy family members are not supposed to live surrounded by low quality/hazardous household appliances, harmful chemical materials;

-> A person does not naturally know which cleaning materials are harmful and which are not – at least some information is needed on the matter;

-> Information is needed – it is worth visiting an event where specialists talk on the matter.


The exhibition -forum is a space, where Eco LOGICALLY minded people can come and find concentrated information under one roof.

+370 616 37471





+370 616 37471, +370 5 268 6865


ekologika@litexpo.lt, g.zymonaite@litexpo.lt


Lietuvos parodų ir kongresų centras LITEXPO, Laisvės pr. 5, LT- 04215 Vilnius
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