2024 03 12

InPass- anything that can be measured can be improved!

InPass solutions and systems are designed for results-oriented companies that aim to work more efficiently, smartly and safely – not more hours.

The software and equipment used in our solutions are developed and manufactured in Latvia. They are characterised by high precision, attractive design and ease of use. We support sustainability, so we lease all equipment to clients.

That way, you won’t have to purchase it. We provide excellent technical support.


 The first month when trying any device is free!


We will present all of our solutions:

➢ Indoor air quality monitoring – a solution that monitors the three main parameters of the room climate – temperature, air relative humidity and pressure;

➢ Employee time tracking system – the system registers and accumulates information about the activity of remote company employees, structural units and branches;

➢ Production facility efficiency solutions – the efficiency measurement solution records the usage data of production equipment, thus allowing to control production in real time.

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