RESTA 2024

RESTA 2024

  • 25-27 April 2024
  • Opening hours

    25-26 April 10 a.m. – 6 p.m;

    27 April 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO.
  • 2023 statistics: 𝟑𝟎𝟓𝟎𝟎 sq.m. area
  • 2023 statistics: 𝟏𝟗𝟐𝟖𝟎 visitors
  • 2023 statistics: over 𝟑𝟎𝟎 participants

RESTA 2024 is the only specialised exhibition for the construction industry in the Baltic States that has been recognised by the global exhibition business association UFI. We invite companies to participate and present to those building, designing, renovating, existing and new professionals in or interested in this market.

RESTA 2024 focus areas:

  • Energy sustainability of buildings;
  • Digital construction;
  • Green Deal in the construction sector;
  • Professional guidance.

5 compelling reasons to attend:

  • Visitor magnet: showcase your products where visitors interested in your
    news meet;
  • Networking: meet customers, partners and make new business contacts;
  • Market assessment: present your products and innovations in a glamorous/different way and assess your competitive advantage;
  • Raising awareness: present your brand and be visible outside your business;
  • Personal contacts: meet your customers in person, interact and get their direct contacts.


Construction and Renovation Hall (5 hall) – building and finishing materials, tools, roofing, windows, doors, workwear and safety. Renovation of individual and multi-apartment buildings – equipment, machinery, materials.

Communication Hall (4 hall) – plumbing, heating, ventilation, plumbing solutions, contactless plumbing appliances, ventilated facade systems and certification.

Digital Construction Hall (3 hall) – software for professionals, BIM solutions, smart home systems, renewable energy, energy suppliers. Financing and crediting of renovation and modernisation projects.


L1 – roofing, gates, building and finishing materials.
L2 and L7 – log, modular, off-grid houses and other structures.
L3 – building materials, wood and metal products, outdoor furniture, small
architecture, garden machinery, tools, gazebos, storage sheds, playgrounds,
landscaping and greenery.
L4 – heating, water supply and sewage system installations, electrical wiring,
L5 – construction machinery, equipment, tools.

We invite you to take part in RESTA 2024 and present the latest news, innovations, digital solutions and trends in the construction business market. We also invite you to create content together.

Do you want to communicate or have ideas? Contact:




Project Manager

Saulė Jančiauskė
+370 615 63581

Project Manager

Greta Kerienė
+370 615 67682

Sales manager (areas)

Vilma Varnagirytė
+370 698 21581

Sales manager (areas)

Edgaras Trumpaitis
+370 618 14434

Sales Manager (stands, stand installation)

    Olga Marčionienė
   +370 615 20106






Exhibition events

Išvalyti filtrus
2024-04-25 14:00-16:00

Usage of new generation legionella removal devices in practice. TermoRens legionella removal method, the only method without additives

Dr. Ing. Water and Heating systems Thore Andreassen
CEO TermoRens AS, Norway
Expert in legionella treatment systems.

Venue: 5.2 conference hall

2024-04-26 10:00-16:00

"Digital Constructi on 2024. Vilnius" Use of digital data in the building life cycle. From BIM to building use and maintenance challenges

Speakers from Denmark, Finland, Germany

Tickets on sale now:

Venue: 5.1 conference hall

2024-04-26 12:30-13:30

„FirePro” Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Technology

Speaker: Michael Assariotis, FirePro Business Development Manager

Venue: Hall 3 presentation area

“META” will be presenting several innovations at RESTA 2024
World-wide supplier of temporary buildings and structures
EDILTECO takes part for the first time to RESTA, introducing the POLITERM® technology!
Facade decoration and insulation system KODERUS 2IN1
Caterpillar Workwear and Tools
InPass- anything that can be measured can be improved!
Minex Group – your reliable partner in developing complex technical projects for surface treatment and metal processing
GRALBET – one of the largest producers of prefabricated elements in Poland
STEPCRAFT CNC Machines for Hobby, Industry and Education
VIA-S houses – a producer of modular houses with 20 years of international experience
Garant ProTech report : „FirePro” Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Technology
Seminar: Usage of new generation legionella removal devices in practice. TermoRens legionella removal method, the only method without additives

“META” will be presenting several innovations at RESTA 2024

META will be presenting several innovations at RESTA 2024 The new brand  layout of the storage technology specialist headquartered at Arnsberg, Germany will be on display in Vilnius. Visitors can also gain an overview of the company’s innovative shelving systems. The focus is on storage solutions in conjunction with conveyor technology and picking robots, as well as the tried-and-tested standard shelving systems.

New brand layout for META
META is presenting itself in a new way. With the start of RESTA 2024 the Arnsberg-based warehouse technology specialist will underline the brand’s core values such as quality and innovation with a new brand layout. The new design will be regionally rolled out at trade fair in Vilnius to further strengthen the positioning of the proven quality brand. That’s something to look forward to!

Shelving solutions for picking robots
META has developed an own racking solution based on its META MULTIFLOOR system to meet the special requirements arising from the use of order picking robots. This system, adaptable to the requirements of the picking robot.

Conveyor technology – META-ILS solutions
Under the name META-ILS (ILS = Innovative Logistic Solutions), META has been offering individual customer solutions for complex tasks within the field of warehouse automation with conveyor technology for two years now. The combination of efficient conveyor technology and premium storage technology means lasting benefits for customers worldwide.

Innovative and proven – an insight into the world of META
Visitors will be able to see for themselves the extensive world of META presented in a new design across more than 32 square meters. The team of warehouse technology experts will be happy to answer any questions about innovations as well as the company’s tried-and-tested solutions such as storage technology, steel construction, operating equipment, services and the META Calc online configurator.



Since its establishment in 2013, JOMASTA has successfully positioned itself as one of the leaders in the purchase, sale, and servicing of construction lifts in Lithuania and the Baltics.  Today, JOMASTA is the official and authorized representative of the world’s most famous companies that manufacture high-quality lifting platforms in all Baltic countries. Scissor lifts, articulated lifts, vertical lifts, telehandlers and their spare parts. For the Baltic region – it is a new technology only distributed through Jomasta.

If you had to choose two words to describe the equipment sold by UAB “JOMASTA” and the service provided, reliability and practicality would be it. The manufacturer’s high-quality standard ensures the reliability and durability of the device in use. Practicality is determined by the ideal price-quality ratio of the equipment sold.

It is important for us to create a story together with the client – our goal is to be together with the client from the first day of acquaintance. To be as close as possible to equipment rental companies and end customers. We have created a consistent chain that provides our customers with comprehensive service, which is especially important in this business. From the sale of high-quality lifts, arranging all the necessary documents (registries, inspection), lift maintenance, service, to warranty and post-warranty service.



World-wide supplier of temporary buildings and structures

Our innovative solutions cover a range of industries including warehouse & logistics, construction, aviation, ports & offshore, and many more.


EDILTECO takes part for the first time to RESTA, introducing the POLITERM® technology!

This made-in-Italy technology is based on eps beads (virgin or recycled) and is specific for the realization of lightweight and thermal insulating mortars for screeds, base screeds and plasters. A wide range of materials for every need, with the aim to bring the living comfort both in old and new constructions.

Edilteco has more than 45 partners worldwide and we are sure that our technology is very interesting for Baltic countries. We have a big experience of starting win-win business all over the world and will be happy to cooperate with one more new country in manufacturer of lightweight concrete and bring this unique and patented know-how in Baltic regions. 


Facade decoration and insulation system KODERUS 2IN1

Facade decoration and thermal insulation panel  KODERUS 2IN1 – the system performs the function of decoration and insulation at the same time.


Modern thermal-insulation facade panels KODERUS 2IN1 is a high-class textured concrete fused with an insulation layer. They can be used for forward-thinking businesses, renovators, and homeowners who are looking for aesthetics, durability, low maintenance, and cost together with an efficient building solution. Koderus delivers the most progressive way through advanced technologies and manufacturing processes.


We are a manufacturer of concrete facade systems. After many stages of product development, trials and tests, we have developed a long lasting and sustainable product, which we are proud to present as a novelty in facade decoration.


In 2021 our product was awarded as “Product of the year” proving the recognition of our innovations in the market.



+370 675 92183



Company “HEATEX” is a European company, the main activity of the company is the production of heat and cold storage tanks and indirect boilers made of enameled and stainless steel with the brand name SMART-TANK, as well as corrugated pipe AISI 304/316 and heat exchangers.  The company consists of three factories with a total area of more than 12000 m2. All factories are equipped with the most modern European equipment, in accordance with the highest requirements in the field of ecology and safety.


Caterpillar Workwear and Tools

Caterpillar is a well-known American brand that offers a wide range of durable and high-quality workwear, gloves, socks, footwear, pocket and headlamps, tools, safety glasses, and more, in addition to heavy machinery. These products are suitable for both laborers (construction, manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, ports, home chores), skilled workers (electricians, carpenters, bricklayers, floor installers, plumbers, mechanical engineers, roofers, truck drivers), as well as those in agriculture (field and landscaping work, forestry, horticulture) or requiring high-visibility (PPE) personal protective equipment (mining, construction, airports, manufacturing, utilities, construction).


Caterpillar is renowned for its durability, comfort, and functionality. Caterpillar is designed to withstand harsh working conditions while ensuring the wearer’s comfort and safety. Caterpillar Workwear products are often equipped with additional features such as various pockets for tools, strong seams, and durable fabrics.


In addition to their practical features, Caterpillar products are also stylish and suitable for use outside the workplace. Caterpillar is a reliable choice for those in need of durable and functional workwear and tools.


InPass- anything that can be measured can be improved!

InPass solutions and systems are designed for results-oriented companies that aim to work more efficiently, smartly and safely – not more hours.

The software and equipment used in our solutions are developed and manufactured in Latvia. They are characterised by high precision, attractive design and ease of use. We support sustainability, so we lease all equipment to clients.

That way, you won’t have to purchase it. We provide excellent technical support.


 The first month when trying any device is free!


We will present all of our solutions:

➢ Indoor air quality monitoring – a solution that monitors the three main parameters of the room climate – temperature, air relative humidity and pressure;

➢ Employee time tracking system – the system registers and accumulates information about the activity of remote company employees, structural units and branches;

➢ Production facility efficiency solutions – the efficiency measurement solution records the usage data of production equipment, thus allowing to control production in real time.


Minex Group – your reliable partner in developing complex technical projects for surface treatment and metal processing

We offer you everything from designing and construction, to equipping and maintenance.

With almost 30 hyears of experience, Minex flexibly design personalized projects and propose exclusively solutions able to reduce costs, while increasing the performance of your production process. All our ideas are tailored and put into place, while integrating high-tech equipment for blasting, metallization, coating and/or metal processing.


GRALBET – one of the largest producers of prefabricated elements in Poland

We present Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowe “GRALBET” Sp. z o.o. as a manufacturer of prefabricated elements, for many years providing high quality solutions related to the construction industry.

RESTA 2024 – why us?

We are a dynamic company committed to passionately creating prefabricated products fit for the 21st century. We specialise in the production of prefabricated reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete elements as well as providing comprehensive construction solutions, such as design, transport and assembly. Our prefabricated elements have been used to build shopping centres, warehouses, stadiums, bridges and much more.

Our experience, commitment and constant pursuit of excellence have allowed us to become the undisputed leader in the industry. Thanks to our engineering products and advanced technologies, we are changing the landscape of the construction industry, bringing innovation, efficiency and sustainable solutions.

We would be pleased to see you at stand 5.C23 in hall 5.

What awaits you when you visit:

  • a presentation of our products and technological solutions;
  • the opportunity to consult our experts on the design and use of prefabricated elements;
  • favourable partnership conditions for all our trade fair customers.

See you at RESTA!


STEPCRAFT CNC Machines for Hobby, Industry and Education

Process woodaluminum, plastics and many more materials with your own CNC machine. With the computer-aided CNC router you can reliably produce accurate and precise parts and workpieces. No matter if for your workshop (hobby, model building, maker), the industry (CNC manufacturing, prototype construction, serial production) or education (school, education, CNC course) – at STEPCRAFT you will find the perfect milling machine for your application.


VIA-S houses – a producer of modular houses with 20 years of international experience

VIA-S houses Ltd. is a company with 20 years of experience in the production and sale of modular houses. The modular houses we produce are suitable for any climate conditions and seasons. Great attention is paid to energy efficiency, which is a substantial provision in modern construction. The meticulous construction, collection and assembly solutions allow for the modular houses to be set up in winter conditions as well.

Our aim is to make the construction process easy for our customers, therefore we offer to make the modular house of your dreams come true from an idea to a turnkey solution. Thanks to a professional team and quality product, the company has gained its reputation as a solid and trustworthy partner in the European market.

At RESTA you will be able to see and buy one of our most popular holiday house solutions at a special exhibition price. A simple but infinitely convenient holiday house solution that can also serve a variety of camping needs. The small kitchen, bathroom and spacious sleeping area make this cabin particularly functional, accommodating a party of 4 or a small family with children. 


Garant ProTech report : „FirePro” Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression Technology

“Garant ProTech”, an expert fire protection engineering company, present revolutionary fire suppression solutions based on CONDESED AEROSOL technology

The company is successfully developing its activities in the field of building fire protection.

“Garant ProTech” is the only certified representative of the manufacturer “FirePro” in Lithuania able to design, install and maintain condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology systems.

“FirePro” is committed to researching and developing environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to fire protection challenges to guard people and what is important to them.

Company designs, manufactures, and distributes worldwide the environment friendly “FirePro” condensed aerosol fire extinguishing technology systems.

“Garant ProTech” can offer not only a wide range of fire protection solutions, but also fire suppression solutions for any human activity.

At the same time, “Garant ProTech” is a long-standing and probably the largest supplier of fire protection equipment to Lithuanian firefighters.


More about company


Date: 25 April

Time: 16.30 – 17.30 val.  

Place: presentation area in Hall 3



Seminar: Usage of new generation legionella removal devices in practice. TermoRens legionella removal method, the only method without additives

REC BalticVent, UAB conference themes:

  • Legionella’s history as a problem
  • Types of legionella
  • Sources of infection and legionella outbreaks
  • Methods to prevent outbreaks
  • Risk assessment of buildings
  • Water treatment with copper and silver
  • Water treatment with chlorine dioxide
  • Heat treatment
  • Chemical treatment of heating and cooling systems
  • Water treatment with anodic oxidation
  • Saving energy in water treatment
  • Saving energy when cleaning water heating systems

Coffee break, communication.

Date: 25 April

Time: 14:00-16:00

Place: Conference Hall 5.2

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