2019 February 7 - 9. Opening hours Look


Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre "Litexpo" , Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius, Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5..


2019  February 7 - 9.

17th international exhibition of knowledge, education and career planning.

STUDIES - the largest international exhibition in the Baltic States and the most important event in knowledge and career planning in Lithuania. Here you can find all kinds of study, study, non-formal education services in Lithuania, foreign higher education programs, volunteering and other possibilities of self-realization, offers of business enterprises that create attractive jobs, non-formal education and self-education services.

STUDIES 2019 Theme - Career Planning.

Find out who you will become.

Why STUDIES  2019?

        - the most important event in knowledge and career planning in Lithuania, helping young people decide what to do after school and how to build their own future;

        - purified topics relevant to career planning, learning, studies;

        - 200 useful events - conferences, presentations, inspirational meetings, discussions;

        - career, business, science and other specialist consultations;

        - detailed presentation of learning opportunities in Lithuania and abroad;

        - live meetings and immediate communication between future students, educational experts, business and science representatives.


Exhibition news:

Hall 1 The Science and Innovation Hall "CREATING LITHUANIA" is designed to introduce the innovations and technologies created by our higher schools, business enterprises and, at the same time, attract young people to technological sciences, demonstrate opportunities, encourage studying and raise the value of higher education in Lithuania. Specialties in the market are relevant - electronics, informatics, engineering.

Hall 4 Career planning fair "CHOOSING PROFESSION" is a new exhibition project. Young people from the age of 14 will be presented with a wide range of the most relevant occupations in the Lithuanian labor market.

The goal of the Career Planning Fair is to increase the prestige of vocational education in Lithuania, to strengthen the motivation of young people in learning, to introduce career opportunities and perspectives upon graduation from a vocational school.

Together with Career Planning, a National Professional Excellence Competition will be held in EUROSKILLS format.

TEACHERS LOUNGE. The teachers' room will be open at the exhibition, where they will be able to have a rest, chat, and a cup of coffee. Topical events for teachers will be held.

Programme of Events

February 7
11:45 - 12:15
Journey towards visionary education
Venue: Teachers lounge
February 8
12:10 - 12:30
Top USA universities: How to get started by Jeremy Meyer
Venue: Hall 3 (Unique Me)
February 8
14:00 - 15:30
Journey towards visionary education
Venue: 5.1 conferences hall





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